• We stock a comprehensive range of hoses, tubing and flexible ducting to meet every market and application. Our range includes products manufactured from the highest quality materials using the latest technology and machinery to products more suited to the value conscious buyer. Made from a wide range of materials including rubber, PVC, Nylon, Thermoplastic Rubbers [TPR], Polyurethanes [PU], Cross Linked Polyethylene [XLPE], UHMWPE, PTFE, metallic and a combination of various specialty materials, there's a hose, tube or ducting to suit every application imaginable. We also offer you a great choice of well known brands in this product group. Complete hoses ranges of Optima, Conda, Kanaflex and Plasticoat are readily available, as well as selected hoses from Parker, IPL and Gates.

    • Sizes range from 3 mm to 355 mm I.D.
    • Types include suction, high and low pressure, abrasive resistant, flexible, chemical & fuel resistant, low and high temperature resistant and custom manufacture.
    • Available in full coils or specific cut lengths (some even on spools and reels)
    • Packaged as assemblies utilising clamping, crimping or banding.

    We also offer a clamping service, where you can have your fittings fitted and attached.

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    Hose, Tube and Ducting

    Hose Kits and Assemblies  

    Hose Reels


  • We are not a mobile hydraulic service company. Notwithstanding this some of our sites are geared to advise and sell a quality range of hydraulic hoses and fittings for general industry usage and some specialist mining and support industries. To discover if this service and product range is available at a site nearest to you, please them. Use our store locator map found on the right hand side of the page to help you locate that store.

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  • Our ranges of Acoustic and Thermal insulation products can help keep the sound and heat out or in, depending on your requirement. We stock a dependable and varied range of these two insulation groups, making us a sound choice for any need that arises. Whether it’s something as simple as insulating a hot water pipe or a task more precise such as quietening the noise of a harvesrtors cabin, you’ll find us ideal for expert knowledge and product usage understanding in this product group.are suitable for both refrigeration and heating insulation applications and are available in many forms and materials.

    Acoustic Insulation

    Thermal Insulation



  • Our large and extensive range of Valves, Fittings and Couplings, Clips, Clamps and Bands and Spray Guns and Nozzles make us a one stop shop for many of Australia's big industrial connections users. We carry the full ranges of well known brands Preston, Norma, Jamec Pem and more, offering you a wealth of choice and quality.

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    Valves, Fittings & Couplings

    Clamps & Clips

    Guns & Nozzles


  • To compliment many of our more standard product offerings we also carry ranges of Civil, Geo-Textiles and Mesh, Spill Control and Vibration Control products. Many of these products are designed to assist the construction, environmental health and safety and manufacturing industries. Here you’ll find products such as high quality Mackay Rubber Mounts, the full range of Tapex and Kinnears Oyster Meshes for farming and booms and protective clothing kits produced by OPEC Systems to assist with oil and chemical spills.

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    Spill Control

    Civil, Geo-textiles & Mesh

    Vibration Control


  • Specialising in a large range of industrial rubber products, many utilised throughout the building
    & construction, automotive, food processing, agricultural, engineering, mining and manufacturing
    industries, we hold extensive ranges of:

    • Roll and Sheet rubber.
    • Matting and Flooring rubber.
    • Industrial Plastics.
    • Customised rubber and Polyurethane.
    • Extrusions, mouldings and gaskets.

    Chances are you’re more likely to find the right product for your desired application with us, than anyone else, and it will be made to the intended specifications and be of the highest quality. That’s because we stock Munro Rubber products, who claim to be ‘a cut above the rest,’ in the rubber game, as well as the RSP brand - two of the most trusted rubber products companies in the country.

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    Roll & Sheet Rubber

    Matting and Flooring Rubber

    Industrial Plastics

    Customised Rubber- Polyurethane

    Extrusions, Mouldings & Gaskets



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