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    PIGS Collection

    To assist with understanding what you can purchase in the way of industrial goods please download any of our eight PIGs - Product Information Guides. Our PIGs make life easy for you and our sales staff when the times come to order over the phone or when sending through purchase orders. Why not download a PIG today and save it to your own computers hard drive for easy access or print the PIGs most applicable to you to have on hand in the car or office should you need to make a quick reference check.

    Although we endeavour to keep the PIGs well feed with up-to-date and current product information, with over 8,000 different product lines and 17 product groups available, there may be from time to time changes in our stock that are not reflected here.Therefore if you can't find a product you suspect we have in one of our PIGs please give our friendly sales staff at your nearest Purple Pig site a call on 1300 0 PURPLEPIG, they'll be very happy to assist.

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  • Purple Pig Industry Specific PIGs

    PIG Industry Specific Guides (PIGs)

    We understand the best way to work out what products may be applicable to you is to categorise them to the specific industry they relate too and you work in. Indeed, may products cross over these categories, however the following guides, developed specially by us, offer expert advice on the right product for the industry and how it can be used to maximise results, safety and performance.

    Download an appropriate guide today and you may discover we have a better value or more appropriate solution for your industrial requirement than you may have first thought of.

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  • Purple Pig Suppliers Guides

    Suppliers Guides Collection

    Looking for guides produced by our major suppliers? Click the button below to be taken to our page of downloadable guides and literature that can assit you with understanding more about each of our suppliers range of products and what they offer in high quality industrial goods.

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