Munro Anti-fatigue Rubber Floor Mat - Tapered Edge

Munro Anti-fatigue Rubber Floor Mat

Anti-fatigue mats do as their name suggests - reduce fatigue in the body, lifting productivity and providing well-being, as well as protecting items which may fall onto them. This natural rubber mat has a tapered edge to lessen the likelihood of tripping on the mats edge and allow trolleys to move up over it and an open style universal pattern to allow water through, making it easy to clean. It’s another added benefit leading to why Munro is ‘a cut above the rest’ when it comes to industrial rubber products.

• Tapered edge.
• Assists in reducing spinal compression.
• Excellent traction surface offers safer footing.
• Manufactured from hard wearing natural rubber.
• Ergonomically designed for reduction of back, leg, foot and ankle fatigue.
• Easy to clean.

• 1550 mm x 1050 mm x 23 mm.

Please quote item number: 110042180 for pricing and more information when talking to staff.

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