Disaster Management Equipment

Personal Protection

Purple Pig provide customers with the latest OPEC equipment. OPEC Systems specialise in integrated
protective ensembles, hydration and respiratory solutions. Combining operator safety with the
practicalities of performing effectively in the field, as a team we are experts at designing full
protective ensembles to meet the specific needs and threat profiles of our users.

Perimeter Protection

Purple Pig offers a variety of fixed and temporary solutions including boom gates, razor wire fencing,
vehicle arresting barriers and floating barricades for marine based perimeter protection applications.
We can assist in arranging support capability to deploy, operate, maintain and retrieve these systems
during major events.

Detection Equipment

Purple Pig, in conjunction wih OPEC, can offer a complete range of handheld, fixed and vehicle
based detectors for detecting virtually all known contaminants including Chemical Warfare Agents
(CWAs), Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) and Toxic Industrial Materials (TIMs), radiological and
biological agents. OPEC also specialises in the software and communications platforms that permit an
integrated geospatial assessment to allow effective and educated remote incident management.

Shelters & Emergency Shower Systems

Purple Pig are proud to proclaim OPEC Systems’ portable, robust rapid deployment shelters are the
cornerstone of an effective incident response. Available in a variety of designs, the units may be used
for numerous field based applications from decontamination field hospitals and triage centres, to
forward command posts and communications stations.

Decontaminating Equipment

Purple Pig‘s range of OPEC Systems’ decontaminating equipment is designed specifically to
decontaminate personnel, equipment, vehicles, terrain, roads, buildings or any infrastructure that may
have been subjected to contamination from chemical warfare agents or toxic industrial chemicals.

Isolation Systems

From existing hospitals to remote sites that need ‘in-house’ capabilities, the range of isolated systemsincorporate unique fabric engineering and design concepts along with state-of-the-art HVAC air
filtration and climate control technologies to provide effective and portable positive or negative

For more information regarding any of these Disaster management Equiptment solutions or to make a purchase please call your nearest site on 1300 0 PURPLEPIG

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